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165cm (5.41ft) Big Bust Girl Doll for Sex Kaho

I’ve had my doll for a couple of weeks now and I still feel like there are no words to describe just how beautiful every inch of her is. What I planned on being a really hot sex doll to be used and hidden, she has turned out to be a beautiful work of art that I take pictures of and just can’t stop touching and caring for, just to feel her smooth skin and shapes.

165cm (5.41ft) White Hair Realistic Virgin Sexy Love Dolls Alicia

She’s heavy, light skinned and her proportions will make you shake your head in disbelief. She’s…beyond perfect. By far the best investment I’ve ever made.

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170cm (5.58ft) Real Lifelike Big Bust Love Doll for Men Roxana

It was my first time buying a doll and I have to say I was surprised about how well the doll quality was. It feels very real and the head looks amazing! She got here within a month which is pretty fast I think.

170cm (5.58ft) Small Chest Full Size Adult Love Doll Lynn HM8

She’s so hot and fucking her is so easy. She is able to do most positions that you would do with a real girl which is nice. Definitely get her, you wouldn’t regret

Best Anime Sex Dolls 2024

165cm (5.41ft) Big Bust Japanese Anime Love Doll Rem

This is actually the first doll I ever bought. The doll did an amazing job with the sculpt, the doll is absolutely beautiful. While buying her, I choose the additionnal “internal heating” and “moaning” who are both pretty great. Hollow breast add that extra jiggle which is a plus.

165cm (5.41ft) Big Breasts Realistic Sex Doll Izumi Sagiri

What can I say, other than she is amazing, I was skeptical about getting a real doll because of it feeling like a society taboo, but if you’re comfortable with yourself you quickly get over that feeling

Best Selling Sex Dolls in USA

168cm (5.51ft) Big Boobs Real Sex Doll RD21052743 Elsie

I ordered my doll about 3 weeks ago and got her today, I was blown away by her look, feel, and softness. Thanks for answering my questions, you sir are the man…will order again from your site if I’m ever in need of another doll.

166cm (5.45ft) Big Breasts Realistic Sex Doll RD21052741 Agatha

So, she’s drop dead gorgeous, simply put. With a good amount of detail (even in the hands), she’s even inspiring for me to get back into drawing as she’d make for an excellent standing/sitting model with some clothes.

Top 3 Tiny Sex Dolls 2024

Lifelike Japanese Silicone Sex Dolls Real Love Doll A19030849 Special Price Chihiro

I’m glad I got her. I got her with the gel breasts that was a good decision. No regrets, and if you want a cute girl (who doesn’t have a look that will eventually seem weird) than this is the girl for you!

Japanese Silicone Sex Dolls Anime Full Size Adult Love Doll A19030848 Special Price Rika

Doll is overall nice. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and l’m in Love with my Doll so far so good she’s so amazing and her skin is very soft and nice.

Japanese Silicone Sex Dolls Realistic Adult Mini Love Doll Mannequins A19030853 Special Price Mio

Wow she is amazing. Super soft and life like. Came in about a month which is not bad at all. Love playing with her, she is nice and thick. I give 5 stars. I am a satisfied customer.